During the school year 2016-17, one of our teachers brought up the idea of forming a Croatian School Library. While we encourage our parents to read to their children in Croatian, many families do not have many Croatian books at home, especially geared toward children and youth. To address the need for children’s literature in our school, the School Board approved an initial Croatian School Library book fund of $1,000. While the books are primarily geared toward children of all ages (novels, short stories, guides, etc.), a number of the mentioned books can also be used as additional resources in the language and culture instruction.

The initial fund of books (over 100 books, 10 DVDs, 2 CD-ROMs, 2 board games, and other aids) has been purchased in July of 2017 and are waiting to be placed in their permanent location at St. Jerome parish. The Croatian School Library and Coordination Office installation is an upcoming fall project of our faculty.

Please note, before the students are allowed to check out a library item from the Croatian library, the parents must sign the Library Use Agreement and turn this document back in to one of the members of the Board or the Principal. Click on the following link to download the Croatian Library Use Agreement: Library Use Agreement